2 quick tips to convert and rejuvenating your old buyer and seller leads

Today, I’m gonna give you two quick tips to convert and rejuvenate existing old buyer and seller leads in your database.

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Okay, so, right now, this time of year, it’s really good to be able to pull a deal out of your hat, right? The ability to get a deal at will, without spending an extra dime, is very, very powerful, and important. What I want talk to you about is something that I really didn’t have a big awareness of when I had my database and I was constantly generating leads.

This is a database strategy, so you need to have an existing database, or list of people, in some kind of computerized contact management system, that you can e-mail these two items in order to get some activity and kick up some dust and get yourself a deal. Or two or three or more right now.

You have to be careful because this is a very powerful thing, and if you do it on a mass basis, you probably won’t be prepared for the outcome, and be able to follow up with everyone effectively. This means you could waste opportunities. So I would suggest that the first thing that you do, is start with a small sampling of your database, maybe 200-500 people. A lot of agents have anywhere from 1,000 to 20,000 people in a database. If you have a big database like that, maybe 10,000, do not blast this to all of your database.

E-mail marketing is something in real estate, that real estate agents just never do effectively. Just a quick e-mail marketing strategy that’s really cool, it’s very light, as far as a tap on your customer’s concern and it’s coming from a position of just trying to help. What you’ll wanna do, is one of two things, and I have my preference, but I’m gonna give you both, just in case.

The first one that we do is just a light e-mail we call “shake the trees”. And the e-mail consists of just a very simple sentence or two sentences that says “hey, would you like to continue to get some information on the real estate market, as it pertains to what’s going on in your city, today?” And if they say yes to that, you’ve got someone who’s still interested, that gives you an excuse to call them and then you can ascertain whether or not they’re looking to buy or sell.

That’s one simple, easy strategy doesn’t require any technology, doesn’t require any extra tools, just the ability to e-mail, and obviously have your list in place to be able to send that too. I think you’d be surprised at the outcome of sending something so simple. This is a database communication strategy to the people who are in your database, who already know who you are.

Now the second one, which is my personal favorite, is the ability to send a survey. And it would be a Q1 2020 real estate survey. And on that survey, you would have a couple of questions. A couple questions…

  1. Are you looking to make a move in 2020?
  2. Next question: Do you know anyone who’s looking to make a move in 2020?

That’s it! Very simple and most people like to fill out surveys. I don’t know about you, but I don’t mind them myself. They don’t detract from your communication strategy with your database, where you’re making a withdrawal from your database. A withdrawal is extracting value in a way that only benefits you. You’re not reaching out to them, asking them this question directly. It’s a very passive approach to communicating with your database, asking them these questions.

If you have a sophisticated system and if they say yes to that answer, you can put them into a new campaign, which then has automation as far as follow-up is concerned. But you wanna talk to those people who say yes, obviously, because they are looking to sell or they’re looking to buy.

I would suggest to keep it simple. Keep the questions very light. Even with the original suggestion in E-mailing them, two, three sentences at max. Do not put in a fancy first name merge field, so that if you don’t have their first name in there properly, they get a message that says “first name, Mike Oddo here”.

Just say “hey”, right, “hey”! And then a couple of sentences, and close it out with your name. It’s just as simple as that, you don’t have to get overly fancy with it, write it like you’re writing it to a friend. And if you send a survey, again, same thing, two or three questions. Just be right to the point. You just want them to raise their hand and say “hey, still in the market”, or “yes, I know someone in the market”, in which case, call them up, “who do you know, do you mind if I call them, do you mind if say that I came to them through speaking to you?”

So there you have it, do this, get some deals, get some stuff put on the board now.


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