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Fighting the holiday’s hangover? If you are lacking motivation, this is how you get on track to crush your real estate goals this year!!!

So today, are you fighting the holiday hangover? You just had some time off. You just took a little bit…
Stimulus Checks

Stimulus Checks: What Will They Mean for Real Estate in 2021?

Today, the last closing days of 2020, has officially gone through, so there's stimulus checks being distributed. Some of our…

Business Intelligence: The Number One Thing You Can Do To Reduce Anxiety And Fear Around Where Your Next Deals Are Coming From

So today, how to reduce fear around where your next deals are coming from through diving into business intelligence. There…

Agent who just closed transaction number 300 for the year pulls back the curtain and tells all…what’s working now and how he went from knowing nobody in his market to closing over 300 transactions a year!

Today we have a special blog post for you all! We interviewed Ryan Ruehle, an agent who just closed transaction…

As Real Estate Brokerages are reporting record numbers for Q3…how you can finish strong and have a personal best in 2021!

Today, today, today, record numbers have been posted for real estate brokerages companies for Q3. Like, it just seemed like…

One giant opportunity that this crazy election is creating for real estate agents…

So in this case, and this is something that probably you've heard maybe even from your potential clients and stuff…

Need sellers? These few strategies will help you get more

Today we are going to be covering sellers. We got some low inventory all around the country so I figured…

Don’t Look if You’re Not Looking to Close More Deals in 2021  

How Can You Get Clients Seeking You Out to be Their Agent?

KEY POINTS: 1. Three Pillars 2. You are in the business of marketing 3. Only spend money on potential clients…

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