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KW President said 50% of your database is in jeopardy…why and what you can do to make sure they go with you when they buy or sell..

Today, we've got something that I was reading this week, and the Keller Williams president came out and said, "50%…

Opendoor got a $4.8 BILLION offer…what does it mean for your business?

Open Door just got a $4.8 billion, with a B, offer for Open Door. Today, we're going to cover what…

The number one key to success no matter what stage you’re at in your real estate business

So today, the number one key to success no matter what stage you're at in your real estate business. All…

How to Get Clients Seeking You Out to Be Their Agent by Implementing CRM to Your Business

In the real estate industry, building connections is an integral part of the business. Through looking for high-quality leads, you…

How is Chad Hedrick, Olympic 5 times medalist, having success in his real estate business?

Today we're have something a little different for you! We interviewed Olympic 5 time medalist, Chad Hedrick, who has had…

The secret to hitting any goal you can set in your real estate business.

So this is something that hit home for me this week. The secret to hitting any goal you can set…

7 Key Features of Inbound Marketing Tools for Real Estate Industry – How to Choose the Best Soft

With the rise of technology, competition between real estate companies have become tighter and tougher than ever. You need to…

How to sell homes without ever leaving the house

Today I want to talk to you about how I was able to sell homes as a buyer's agent without…

Are You Keeping Up With These Two Metrics That Save You THOUSANDS of Dollars?

Key Points: 1. You're in the business of marketing 2. CAC 3. CCC 4. How this translates to growing your…

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