How Can You Get Clients Seeking You Out to be Their Agent?

1. Three Pillars
2. You are in the business of marketing
3. Only spend money on potential clients
4. Figure it out
5. Keep learning

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How to get clients seeking you out to be their agent.

All agents desire this, few ever actually get to that point. And if you want the step-by-step on how to do that without spending a fortune or taking a decade to do it, you are in the right place.

A lot of agents maybe don’t even have the awareness that this is something they desire. I had a mentor early on in the business telling me, he said, “Mike, go home, have a glass of wine, and just think how you want your business to look.” Essentially he was telling me to daydream. If you think about the top agent in your market, if you’re not it, and you imagine for a second, what it would be like to be them, right? They have business coming to them on a regular basis and they’re not concerned about what business is going to come to them tomorrow because they have systems in place. They have this critical mass that allows them to just be a known entity in the market, which attracts business. And so, people naturally reach out and call them to list their home, to buy a home.

How does that feel? How can you do that if you don’t have that already? That’s what we’re going to dive into. And I love the without taking 10 years to do it, because they say on average most agents don’t start making any real money in the business until eight years and I don’t know about you, but you might as well go be a doctor if you’re going to spend eight years waiting to go make some money. That’s far too long and the money that they’re talking about isn’t even a great deal. You can collapse time if you’ve got the right strategy. So we’re going to dive into that today. 

Three Pillars

This is step-by-step exactly how to do this in the most simplistic way that I’ve ever been able to communicate this. And it’s hard because each one I want to dive really deep. So let’s get into it.

Pillar #1: Lead Generation
This has to be in place. The other two could be in place, but if you don’t have the lead generation, it doesn’t really matter.

Pillar #2: Brand Positioning
This is key to making this about the consumer and not about you. If it’s not about the consumer, they’re not going to care. If it’s something about you, they’re not going to care. You can tell them all day long that you’re number one, but how does that translate into a benefit for them to do business with you?

Pillar #3: Visibility Reach
This is the combination of the first two. How do you take the lead generation and your brand and get them to see that from as many different channels as possible. This includes the good old telemarketing, because that is marketing.

So the old school ways were newspaper, magazines, because that’s where people spent their time. That’s where their eyeballs would go. So if you were going to get in front of them, you had to go to places that they were. You used to, 20 years ago, sit around the kitchen table in the morning and the newspaper was getting passed around. Now, it’s four people eating breakfast together, if that even happens, but they’re all on their phones. Right?

So it’s 2020, so where do people spend most of their time and most of their eyeballs? On these devices. Which apps, specifically? Facebook, Instagram, Email, text messages. So you’re hitting them from all those different places, being able to get the mind share. And put your brand in front of their eyes and magic starts to happen, especially when you have the right positioning.

The process lined out:
So you’re getting leads who are planning on buying houses. That’s why they’re coming in. They’re not coming in because of any other reason, this isn’t a cold list, as we say in the marketing space. These are people who have raised their hand to you. You want to be able to generate and have as many of those people in your audience as you possibly can.

And then, what you want to do is you want to indoctrinate them with your positioning, with your brand, and segment them based on their timing, when they’re going to move, so that you can build yourself a pipeline. And when you build yourself a pipeline like that, what you’ll be able to do is forecast your business. You’ll know how much business you have in the next month, three months, six months, 12 months.

And once you crack this, you’re going to be able to turn your business up by turning up that dial of literally generating more leads. If you want to double your business, you just double your ad spend, as long as the cost per lead stays the same, and you’re there. 

You’re In the Business of Marketing, Have a Strategy
There’s a very specific process that you can use that costs less money, takes less time to be able to achieve the same net effect. And specifically, it starts with the ability to have lead generation because that’s gathering up the people in your marketplace that have raised their hand, taking the time to identify themselves to you by filling out a form or sending an email, what have you, that say, “Hey, I’m over here and I’m interested in real estate in blank city, blank town, blank neighborhood, can you help me?”

After that point, what you want to do is have that plan in place to build your brand. And the building of a brand has to be something that’s premeditated. All celebrity is crafted. Publicists paid a lot of money in Hollywood and for sports icons and stuff. They are very carefully crafted, what they say in interviews. They go through everything to be able to make sure because they have this persona that’s created.

It’s what you want them to see, not necessarily what is.

You have to decide what that’s going to be because if you don’t, then people are going to fill that gap in, they’re going to make their own determination. And the positioning that you have becomes your position, is the saying, so the lack of positioning becomes your position. You’re just another average agent.

If I was the client, and I was like, “I need real estate agent.” I could pick cards and I could get someone that has been licensed for a few weeks or I could pick Cindy O’Gorman who dominates Frisco and sells 300 houses a year and has for the last decade. Because I actually live here, I would actually look around and I’d be able to be like, “Oh, Cindy O’Gorman. I know her. I recognize that name. I should probably go with them.” Right?

If you were to call every single one of your own leads versus having the leads point of view be a either technology or someone else’s human interaction, the positioning is so much different.

So in the analogy that I’ve been giving to us internally is, if you were to fill out some kind of a form to get information about personal injury, if you just got in a car accident, and then all of a sudden you got 20 attorneys calling you incessantly, right, and you talk to one, you’re going to feel differently about that person versus the known entity that’s on the billboard in your marketplace, especially if they cost the same price. Who are you going to do business with? 

Because personal injury attorneys usually have a percentage of whatever they win you, right, they get, so if it’s the same percentage, you’re probably going to go with the one that is the known entity in your mind. And what we’re prescribing specifically is, you can do that faster than ever through technology. You can do that through retargeting ads. You can do that through blogging, through videos, through email, through text message, right, through positioning yourself.

They don’t care about you and why should they, you know what I mean? You only are caring about them for your own selfish interest initially until maybe you get to know them. So how do you change that? How do you shift that?

Through positioning and it’s through marketing. 

I was trying to figure out what’s the number one problem that agents have that they don’t know that they have. That’s it. You guys think you’re in the business of real estate. You’re in the business of marketing. And so, you have to start to get purposeful on your marketing. You have to start to get a strategy in place. And what we’re trying to tell you is, it doesn’t have to be like you see, in order to get the results and the effect that you desire, which is to be the known entity, which is to have the fish essentially jump in your boat and come to you. 

Which is a really awesome feeling, especially when you have it happen so often that you can start to choose who you do business with, because you’re not going to necessarily raise the price, you’re going to only be able to raise the bar of who you’re going to do business with and in order to do that, you have to have more people to do business with than you can serve. Once you hit that, life is really good.

Only spend money on potential clients. 
It’s not necessarily because you’ve got to lead that you’re going to sell them a house immediately. You have to understand that they’re in a process, they’re in a journey, and they need to be categorized by where they’re at in their process and journey. If they’re moving in three months, six months, 12 months. 

If they’re going to move in three, six, or 12 months, you need to treat them differently based on their timing. You have to have a different game plan there. If they’re not going to be able to buy, hide that person, or don’t spend any time with that person if they can’t buy, right? If you send them over to a credit repair or something, if you get a lead like that, that’s fine, but don’t ever spend your time. You just put them on an automated system of nurturing and followup for the rest of their duration. And what happens is that even builds on itself. They might send their grandmother to go buy a house from you, or their father or whatever. 

They’re all just people, right? You can’t really change timing, motivation, whatever. You can influence a little bit, but you can’t really change it that much. So just file them into the category that they fit in.

To be successful you have to figure it out. 
 I think the fuel behind that so often is just this determination to learn and figure it out. And this relentless pursuit, and so if you’re reading stuff like this and you’ve gotten this far into it, congratulations, you are probably in that category where you have that makeup, which is one of the bare bones, necessary things. Figuring it out, and I don’t care how I’m going to have to do it. I’m going to Kool-Aid man through a wall if I have to. I’m just going to figure this thing out.

And when the student is ready, the teacher appears, right?

The answers are all there. And it’s 2020. So info is more readily available than ever. Once you have this desire, it’s just a matter of doing, doing, doing, and not being afraid of failing and having some time go by because this stuff doesn’t happen overnight. It doesn’t have to take a decade, but it still doesn’t happen overnight. And you just got to be consistent with it.

Keep Learning
It’s almost a skill, you can hone that no matter what your personality type is, you just got to humble yourself and go find the information. In the times where I’ve felt like I’ve plateaued a little bit in your business life, usually, it’s because I stop actively trying to learn. And it’s not learning just to learn, but learning and having some discipline and implementing what you learn. 

I learn, and then Jake, myself, a couple of other team members, we go on this pirate ship and we start to implement. And then, when we have pay dirt, we’re like, “Hey, this is really great. Here’s what we learned. Let’s talk about it. Let’s tell everybody else what we discovered.”

That part is key, is the action. You can have all these things in place, but you have to act and you can’t be afraid to fail. You can’t be afraid for it not to work. You can’t be afraid of any of that stuff. 

Start with lead generation, otherwise your brand and how much visibility that brand has does not matter because you don’t have anybody to show it to. 

Then, find your brand positioning. It can be a little bit about you, but 98% about what it actually means to the consumer and what they get out of working with you and growing that brand.

Then you have the visibility. So all the omni-channel, how many different ways that you can get that brand in front of those people that you’ve generated leads for. That’s the most efficient use of your money is to only spend it on the people who’ve already told you they’re going to buy or sell in the near future and you already started a relationship with. It’s marketing by permission at that point.

If you want some help with these things, that’s what we do here at Market Maker. What I want you to do is go to, watch a short video on how we help you with these things, starting with generating leads, then nurturing those leads in a way that builds your authority and ultimately deliver them to your calendar as an appointment so that your position as a professional and these people are coming to you for help. It is exclusive. It’s one agent per code, Go check it out if you haven’t already.


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