Make more money than 99% of real estate agents!

Let us talk about how to make more money than 99% of all other real estate agents working 20 hours a week, with the ability to take a month off every year!

I know it sounds crazy, right? Before I get into it, I’m gonna talk to you really quickly about If you haven’t already went to, go there, check out what we do, watch how we’re able to generate you leads, nurture those leads with your brand, elevating your status and authority in the mind of those leads and then ultimately deliver them to you in the form of an appointment on your calendar.

Now, I know that this topic sounds too good to be true, right? Make more money than 90% to 99% of other agents working only 20 hours a week and ultimately take a month off every year. How in the world is that possible? It’s unthinkable, right? At least it was for me.

The way that this works is through two ways. Number one, focusing on the 20% of your business that provides you 80% of your results. And number two, the ability to multiply yourself through others. Now, let’s break these two things down. I just went in-depth recently about your ability to look at what it is that you do and your dollar per hour activities. You should dive up those activies and delegate them to somebody who’s very happy to take those activities and has the skillset and a personality type best suited for That is step one.

The other ability, to be able to delegate off, leads that you’re able to generate through your ability to master marketing and your consistency in lead generation, lead conversion, and ultimately return on investment.

Once you get really good at that, you’re going to have this new problem. This new problem is you don’t have enough time to service all of the customers you have. Once that occurs, the first thing you do is hire another agent, generally a buyer’s agent.

I never like to silo them into one or the other, but it’s just fine if you do. And then, give them those leads at whatever the split is on your team, which means that every single agent you hire, is like a tap that pours out money.

Now you got a machine running, right? And so you can multiply that over and over and over again, to scale to whatever capacity you like. Now you have to manage these agents and you help them with their goals, their plan, and what it is they’re trying to accomplish. If that’s not your strong suit, you should hire an operations manager for this.

I know this sounds crazy, all this hiring, and all this extra work, but when you build a system like this, you’re building a model that is extremely valuable, not just for the income that it produces, but also for an exit strategy if you were to ever sell it.

In addition to that, because of these specialized units of labor that expertly service your client, you are really building a business that works so that you don’t have to. What happens is that you start to focus on the things that are of most interest to you, that are your passion, and because of that, you don’t even realize the amount of hours that you are or are not working.

By doing the above you have multiplied yourself through ways that make sure that all of your opportunities are always capitalized on, and those customers are always expertly serviced in a way that builds your brand, elevates your status in the market, and ultimately delivers raving fans, referrals, and testimonials.

I don’t know of a better way, a better model, for enterprising and growing your real estate business than a model like this. And what I’ve just described to you is an excellent team model. It’s definitely something that you should be doing.


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