Never Work Weekends Again

Everyone starts the day with the exact same amount of time…do you maximize every minute that you spend away from the ones you love?

I can hear it now….(in a serious voice) “That’s not possible, we are in real estate.  You HAVE to work weekends, there is no choice.” If you really believe that it is NOT POSSIBLE, then you are right and you should go find another blog to follow.

If you don’t have a limiting belief and know that it is, in fact, POSSIBLE, then please continue reading because we will go through how to put HOURS back in your day!

You are not able to make $1,000,000 per year doing $10/hour work.  If you worked every hour of every day you would take home a whopping $87,600 at $10/hour.  ***Mind blown*** .

Most of us would say “Well, I can’t afford to hire someone for $10/hour or buy technology to do things that I do every day.”  Well, let me be the one that tells you that you can’t afford to not do something.

There are things that you do that are extremely high dollar productive activities such as setting listings appointments, going on listing appointments, meeting with buyers in your office, and making prospecting calls.  

There are things that you do that are low dollar productive activities such as paying bills, putting signs up, lockboxes on doors, checking email or voicemail, putting listings in the MLS, and sending market updates to just name a few.

I would like you to get out a piece of paper right now and list all of the things that you do on a regular basis for your real estate business.

Now, let’s put that list up somewhere you will look at it everyday and I’ve got great news for you….YOU DON”T HAVE TO DO THEM!  You will have to do them for some period of time, but there is something you can do for each of those to get them off your plate.

If you are familiar with Jay Kinder’s story, the proof is there.  I was talking to him a few years ago and his office in Oklahoma made the Wall Street Journal rankings for top teams in the country.  HE HAD NO IDEA HOW MANY DEALS THEY DID THE YEAR BEFORE! I told him he made the rankings and he didn’t know because that entire year he was living in Texas and stepped foot in the office ONE TIME to get books.  So, yes despite you negative Nancy’s saying otherwise, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

So, how do we CREATE TIME back into our days?

How do we get to the point where we don’t have to work another weekend?

How do never miss another major event because of work?

Follow these 7 Steps to getting control of your business and your life…

  1. Assess Current Reality-  This is fun.  Start tracking how you spend time everyday.  The best way to do this is with a calendar. We use Google calendar and are known to be much like Ron Burgundy from Anchorman.  The way he is with saying anything on a teleprompter, we are about doing things that are on our calendar. I’m talking spouses putting things like “Christmas with your family” from 10-8 on December 23rd.  Tracking how your spending your time now, will allow you to determine what is taking up your time each week and what the return on time is for each of those activities.
  2. Current Leverage-If you have a team, assistant, or technology that is taking any activities off your plate, determine what exactly they are doing and what the return on investment that is providing.  You are either clear on what they are responsible for and so are they, or it is unclear. If it is unclear, there is much frustration in your future if you aren’t there already. If there is nobody or no technology, this step is an easy one but you are probably pulling your hair out and fully on the roller coaster (months of getting business, months of servicing the business and paychecks every other month or so….)
  3. Research Existing Ways-  Bottom line is that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel here. There has to be a better way and lucky for all of us, WE DON’T HAVE TO FIGURE IT OUT THE HARD WAY!  Find people that have done the work already. They have a team that the leverage well. They have technology that allows them to do double the work in half the time.  Find these people in your office, find them in social media circles ( Here are a couple: LINK and LINK and LINK), just find some people to follow!  Check out technology that will automate things you do daily or just don’t like doing.  Market Maker is one of those that can automate speed of response, follow up, and other tasks.  There are quite a few others but I can’t speak to their full capabilities.
  4. Build IT Or Buy IT! – So, there are going to be a very, very small amount of people that are ridiculously tech savvy and will be able to build their own technology that can automagically respond, follow up, etc.  That’s not me. Luckily for us, we were able to hire a giant team of wizards that can take us saying “it’d be really cool if we had the dialer built in and it could instantly text, email and doing a no ring voicemail” and then within weeks having it in the platform.  So, most agents will go the much easier path of buying it. This is where you need to make sure you didn’t skip steps so you know what you like doing and what you know you need to do. This will help choose the right technology to leverage. You must become system dependent and not people dependent.  There are some things that cannot be automated or made easier with technology but that list is growing smaller everyday. THIS ADDS A MINIMUM OF 10 HOURS OF YOUR WEEK BACK TO YOU EVERY WEEK!
  5. Aces In Their Places- Ok, so now you have decided what technology to use for which tasks.  Next up, the people. This is going to have to be at the right time, so if you have no core capital and business is rough, leveraging people is not the best next move.  For you that are truly ready, this is a crucial step and the difference of loving life, getting freedom back into your life vs. being miserable and somehow paying someone money just to have more work.  Laying out roles and responsibilities and having the right KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) allows you to manage based off measurable performance. If not, you will have NO CLUE how well someone is doing.  Putting someone in the wrong role is a usual mistake here as well as just hiring the wrong person because you’ve never done it before. Find A-players. A-players will take goals and accomplish them without much pulling needed from you.  B-players are who you spend time with instead of your family because they have so much “potential” but never realize it. C-players are the ones that know shortly that they need to go. We will cover some more hiring and leadership in a later post!
  6. Plan The Work And Work The Plan-  So, you’ve started to dive into the technology and laid out all the processes for you and your people.  Unfortunately, there are no options to just flip a switch and have everything work perfectly overnight. There has to be training provided for you and your people on the new tools and processes.  Put together checklists and dashboards so you have visibility in what is going on in your business. You need to set up the accountability system to use to ensure the work is being done at a high level consistently.  For people, set up weekly or bi-weekly one on ones as well as quarterly reviews to go through their KPI’s and personal and professional goals. THE ULTIMATE GOAL IS TO MANAGE THE SYSTEM NOT THE PEOPLE. Start small here but as you grow, the easier it is to feel like you are going 200 miles per hour with no steering wheel.  
  7. EXECUTE, MEASURE, EXECUTE- The plan is in place, you feel good about work that is starting to get done, and starting to see some results from changes that you are making.  Feels good, right? Well, let’s make sure that we don’t fall short where most people do. It is super easy to get working on this, get sidetracked by a deal that just fell through and you’re trying to save it, something happens at home that takes attention, a team member quits….LIFE GETS IN THE WAY SOME TIMES.  You have to make a promise to yourself, your spouse, your dog….I don’t care who….but whoever will keep you accountable to making sure you EXECUTE this from A to Z. Once going, there will be things that aren’t 100% right or stop working so it is imperative you have a pulse on the most important metrics and you look at them consistently.  We use Red, Yellow, Green measurements with our KPI’s. If they fall out of the Green, there has to be a plan. Make sure you don’t sit back and watch the boat sink. Be willing to iterate on the plan!

There is no magic pill here but if you follow those steps you will be well on your way to doing what you want, when you want, with whom you want.  You deserve to have your business work for you, not the other way around. Maybe you like working weekends, but let’s make that a choice for you to make and not one made out of necessity.

If you want a guide on a real estate team and the roles and functions within a highly effective team, download our 9-Box!


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