Leveraging Surveys To Sell More Real Estate

RR 023: Leveraging Surveys To Sell More Real Estate

Do you know what your clients are thinking? When is the last time you asked them?

Surveys are a tool like no other.  They aren’t aggressive and require little commitment.

People have opinions and they don’t mind sharing them.   They feel valued if they believe their input matters.

Create a culture of caring.  Gain some understanding.

In this episode, the “Real Estate Rainmakers” advise reaching out to subscribers with simple surveys that appear to be nothing more than inquisitive.  Their answers along with their response-time will help you organize customers into appropriate categories.

If you know what people are thinking then you can prioritize who to speak with first with information relevant to their situation.  Those who answer your questions are giving you an invitation.

Be a guest, not a pest.