How to Get Clients Seeking You Out to Be Their Agent by Implementing CRM to Your Business

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In the real estate industry, building connections is an integral part of the business. Through looking for high-quality leads, you can strengthen your property-selling company. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic’s effect on the economy, people are wary of investing in real estate. Fortunately, a recent survey from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) reported that the Buyer Traffic Index increased to 71 from a low 51 in May 2020. Hence, it would be best if you refined your strategies even during this pandemic.

Since physical interactions are limited during the covid-19 pandemic, you should consider using software solutions for your business. Aside from video conferencing tools, a customer relationship management (CRM) system is also essential during these times and even after the health crisis. Here are the crucial factors to consider in a real estate management software solution. Since applications are now necessary for the field of real estate, you should consider subscribing to a CRM platform. This listicle explains how a CRM system can help you close deals effectively.

  1. Refine content marketing strategies

Today, real estate CRM software solutions are no longer about chasing hundreds of potential buyers. These programs now serve as a platform for promoting your business through informative and engaging content. Through a CRM system, you can also share your brand’s story, which builds trust with prospective clients. Besides, it helps improve brand awareness so that you can reach out to more customers. This process also allows for high-quality leads since clients searched for the type or location of properties that you sell.

Moreover, some CRM software providers even offer training sessions for agents. This way, you can learn more about effective content marketing strategies. The said guides help you plan the information that can attract your target audience. You must also include media, such as pictures and videos of the property. These types of content build your business’ reputation because you have a proof for the residential or commercial building’s physical state and design. 

  1. Use lead management tools

Real estate CRM and lead generation software solutions like Market Maker allow clients to find and contact your business. It acts as an online meeting place where you can attract high-quality leads, which are essential aspects of any business since they have a high rate of conversion. Since they are the ones searching for the location of your offered properties, there is already a high possibility that they are quality leads. CRM platforms also provide robust analytics to help accelerate the contract’s fulfilment.

Aside from knowing the status of your leads, a CRM platform also manages inquiries from possible clients. This program enables tracking of past interactions with clients and helps improve your marketing strategies. As a result, you can build rapport with customers and encourage them to hire you as their real estate agent. More importantly, it allows you to achieve your sales goals. Through the proper management of high-quality leads, there is an assurance that you will thrive as a real estate agent.

  1. Be updated through mobile apps

Most CRM for real estate agents are now available for download on different platforms, such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. Besides, web-based apps also allow you to take advantage of the system’s functionalities using any device with an internet connection. This way, real estate agents can view reports and analytics anytime and anywhere.

In terms of lead management, mobile phone availability offers convenience to your clients. This way, they can contact you quickly. This process provides leverage for your business since potential customers will see you as a responsive and reliable agent. It also builds trust that can further encourage them to hire you as a real property agent. 

Additionally, CRM apps keep you updated on meetings with clients and partners. They send automated reminders on events, such as house tours. As a result, you can present a professional attitude by being on time and never missing a meeting. Hence, mobile availability helps you close deals with potential clients.

  1. Use email integrations

Technological developments help you connect with clients remotely; hence, you can achieve your sales goals even without leaving the office or house. One integral feature of CRM apps is their ability to integrate with email marketing platforms. Through such integrations, you can send automatic yet personalized messages to your prospective clients. This process helps improve the response rates of your campaigns.


Although clients are the ones reaching out to you, it is still important to communicate with them. Email marketing tools maximize your CRM app’s functionality. They also enable you to respond quickly to prospective clients’ general concerns and inquiries. Besides, integrations help consolidate conversations with your potential customers in one program.

  1. Automate work processes

Through real estate software tools, you can automate redundant and repetitive tasks to increase work efficiency. For instance, you can use the system to set automatic follow-up calls with potential customers. This way, you can eliminate repetitive tasks to focus on improving your skills as a real estate agent. It also enables you to craft offers that can influence real property owners to hire you as an agent.

Aside from phone calls, a CRM platform can also send text messages to your leads. What’s more, the system allows you to generate digital documents that you can easily share with prospective clients. Since there are available templates, you can send the documents promptly and close deals quickly. Hence, a CRM app helps streamline your business’ workflow without negatively impacting the overall operations.

  1. Efficient scheduling

Before, agents need to carry multiple notebooks to remind them of appointments with potential clients. This process involves a lot of time since you need to flip through hundreds of pages. Due to technological advancements, you can now store leads’ information and scheduled meetings in a convenient way. CRM apps allow connections with external and web-based calendars. As a result, you will always receive automatic notifications regarding your day to day schedule.

An efficient scheduling system helps you become respected in your field since customers will realize that you value their time. Hence, they will also treat you with respect in the subsequent meetings. This process further motivates potential clients to hire your services as a real estate agent. Besides, a professional attitude will even encourage partners and clients to promote your services to other people. Hence, you will have more extensive connections that can help you close more deals.

  1. Social media integration

Social media apps provide an excellent platform to advertise your services. According to a study from Statista, there are over 3.6 billion social media users worldwide. Hence, integrations with leading apps, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, can help you communicate with current customers. Moreover, people are more likely to communicate using instant messaging apps than attend physical meetings.

What’s more, a CRM platform provides reports on the performance of your marketing campaigns. You can then optimize your business’ online presence through CRM tools. You can also monitor reviews, comments, and ratings of your real estate agency. This way, potential clients will find more reasons to reach out to you.

Close more deals with a reliable CRM application

With a CRM software solution, you can automate repetitive tasks for a more efficient workflow. Besides, it enables you to refine your content marketing strategies and manage leads effectively. Through email, social media, and calendar integrations, you can further encourage prospective clients to hire you as a real estate agent.


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