The Must-Have Listing Platform for the Fastest Growing Agents

Get in front of more sellers, get more done in the same amount of time, and take more listings now and down the road TAKING CONTROL OF YOUR BUSINESS!
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What’s Market Maker™ Pro?

A listing platform designed for agents who are having success in real estate but are looking for more consistency, ability to manger time more efficiently, and wanting to do more.  Designed by agents for agents, Market Maker Pro will help you accomplish your goals by helping connect you with more sellers, tools to save you time and close more deals while building a pipeline of sellers and buyers for you down the road.
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Built for agents by agents

  • First full year of testing closed 268 transactions, of which 169 were listings
  • A group of top agents across the country to tested and gave feedback on how to make the system better,  resulting in over 100 feature rollouts
  • As featured on NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, CNN, BIO CHANNEL, and more!
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The Ulimate All-in-One Solution for Listings

While most companies develop systems to sell , we developed systems to USE!  It's frustrating when people don't use their own products, but THIS IS HOW OUR CO-FOUNDERS CLOSE DEALS EVERYDAY!
Proven Seller Lead Generation Systems

Create digital home evaluation requests to predictably create leads in any market condition profitably.

Automated Systems to Reach Out Immediately and Consistently

Get in contact with more people, and nurture the ones not quite ready so when they are you are their first phone call.

Closing Tools and Training

Get more leads to the closing table and take more trips to the bank to deposit commission checks, so you can do what you want, when you want, with whom you want.


Sound familiar?


There is a BETTER WAY!

Have you woken up knowing that you have so much to do that day, it almost seems better to stay in bed and not do any of it because it is just getting OVERWHELMING??

You are not alone.  You are having success in Real Estate but getting to that next level is hard.  You have to run your business like a TRUE BUSINESS.  Track the most important numbers, know exactly how much you are bringing in and spending.  Becoming a TRUE CEO of your company will allow you take back control of your business and your life. 

At some point it switches from being fun to just a lot of hard work.  

You deserve more.  

You deserve to have your business work for you NOT the other way around.

Market Maker Pro will help you navigate the challenging task of growing to 100 transaction plus annually.

So you can do what you want, when you want and with whom you want!

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 Who will benefit from

 Market Maker™ Pro?

    Agents who want to:

  • Start consistently securing more listings month in and month out
  • Stop missing opportunities or letting leads slip through the cracks
  • Rely on systems to do work they forget to do (or just don’t want to do)
  • Stop losing listings to other agents
  • Start taking over listings in thier market
  • Who are COACHABLE and don’t think they know everything already
  • Look to build a marketing funnel and spend money online to drive traffic
  • Get better qualified leads or opportunities
  • Start using their time for the highest ROI activity
  • Stop driving buyers all over town
  • Be in a position to turn down business or fire a client (attract not chase)
  • Have a small team or are looking to grow a team
  • Work with buyers more efficiently








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When you grow your business in real estate, you can either work for your business or have your business work for you.  You have to build your business focused on getting listings so you are more efficient with your time.  Whether you want to do 100 Transactions or 1,000 Transactions, the quickest way to the top, without having to miss special moments in your life, is focusing on the highest dollar productive activities and delegating the rest to maximize the most precious commodity you have, TIME.


Step #1:  Generate Seller Leads - You have a consistent way to continue to connect with potential sellers month in and month out


Step #2:  Connect and Nurture -  This is where most people fall short.  Connecting with as many people as possible is difficult when you are working with a couple clients driving them around to houses.  Leads fall through the crack, so you need a system that continues to make connections while you are driving, sleeping, or even spending time with your loved ones.  And if the potential seller isn’t ready, plug them into the system so they continually hear from you until they are ready, without you lifting a finger.

Step #3:  Convert to a Listing -  Now that you have people reaching back out to you when they are ready, time to show why they should list with you above all others.  Usings all of our tools and training, you will be well equipped to walk away with the listing agreement signed EVERY TIME!

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