Ray L.

Q: What do you love about Market Maker?

Market Maker has been the most responsive of any company that I’ve ever worked with. They’re on the spot, the support is great. Even development, you ask for a change, and they’re implementing it within a couple of weeks. So it’s just been an outstanding system to me because it does everything that any other CRM on the market does, plus about another 100% more.

Q: Which feature would you say has impacted your business the most?

I’ve had a really good response on having campaigns that automatically go out to the clients. There’s the Slydial, the no-ring voicemails, they go out and they drop in, and the clients, they don’t even know I called. And then the text messages, I get great response. They go out automatically. The client normally responds back, I respond back to them. It gets the whole conversation going. So between the text and the voicemail, it’s been great.

Now one of the reasons that I went with Market Maker is because I was using the Slydial, I was using the text blasts, other systems, and I was a user of BombBomb. So now with the video, with the texts, with the Slydials in there, built into Market Maker, I stopped BombBomb, I stopped all the rest. It’s just one system, it does it all, and I don’t have to mess with anything.