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Take Your Real Estate Team To The Next Level

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What’s Market Maker™ Team?

Teams have forever been faced with the same challenges that have gone unsolved until NOW!  In order to run effectively, you have needed access to so many different systems and technologies, that you build an unwanted "FRANKEN-SYSTEM" where it is near impossible to track all the numbers you need to know.  Market Maker™ Team finally solves those issues along with a few other pesky ones like relying on your agents to call all of the leads, generating enough leads, and even recruiting which is always a challenge.  
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Built for agents by agents

  • First full year of testing closed 268 transactions, of which 169 were listings
  • A group of top agents across the country to tested and gave feedback on how to make the system better,  resulting in over 100 feature rollouts
  • As featured on NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, CNN, BIO CHANNEL, and more!
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The Ulimate All-in-One Solution for Teams

While most companies develop systems to sell , we developed systems to USE!  It's frustrating when people don't use their own products, but THIS IS HOW OUR CO-FOUNDER CLOSES DEALS EVERYDAY!  We do admit that we have had an unfair advantage:  Our highest level clients meet at different locations 3 times each year and we relied on some of the top teams in the country to provide feedback to make the system what it has become...THE ULTIMATE TEAM SYSTEM.
Proven Seller Lead Generation Systems

Create seller and buyer opportunities on demand to predictably create leads in any market condition profitably for you and your team.  Never hear your agents complain about leads again.  And know what all of your agents' pipelines look like at any time!

Automated Systems to Reach Out Immediately and Consistently

Get in contact with more people, and nurture the ones not quite ready so when they are you are their first phone call.  Stop relying on your team to make calls...just let InstaContact™ do the work they won't.

Closing Tools and Training

Get more leads to the closing table and stop worrying about training your team.  Why develop your own training program when we poured millions of dollars and countless hours in developing the most comprehensive real estate training on the planet.  You, then, can do what you want, when you want, with whom you want.


Sound familiar?


There is a BETTER WAY!

We would have never gotten this right unless we had started a technology company where in this industry it is fairly common to make this hire early in your growth stage...


Chief Financial Officer.  

And if you told us 5 years ago, that the most important hire that we would ever make would be a CFO, we would have laughed.  After all, what could a financial person do to help us SELL MORE REAL ESTATE?!?

We could not have been more wrong.  When you are CLEAR on your numbers, everything else becomes infinitely easier.  It's like walking through a room with the lights off.  You have to feel around for a corner of a table, that first stair you don't want to trip over.  Now, imagine some one turns the light on.


The first thing that our CFO noticed was that we had the "Franken-system."  Meaning we had pieced together so many different systems to effectively run the team that he was lost on which log in to start from.  As we shared a long spreadsheet with all of the logins and passwords, we knew immediately there was a better way.

So we had the technology wizards start building.  If it was something we needed, we put in a request and they started to make it happen.

We will never stop making it better.  It has become a TRUE all-in-one solution that was designed to make the leader of a team EMPOWERED to make all the right decisions growing a managing a team.

In today's rapidly changing environment, what works today most likely won't work in a few years.  Which is why we are different.

Our Co-Founder USES IT EVERYDAY.  So, we will continue innovate because it is our PASSION.  (Also, we need it to work too...)

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Who will benefit from Market Maker™ Team?

    Teams who want to:

  • Start consistently securing more listings month in and month out
  • Stop worrying about their team making calls or not
  • Start empowering their team to feel more confident and close more deals
  • Recruit and retain top talent
  • Stop missing opportunities or letting leads slip through the cracks
  • Rely on systems to do work they forget to do (or just don’t want to do)
  • Stop losing listings to other agents
  • Start taking over listings in thier market
  • Who are COACHABLE and don’t think they know everything already
  • Look to build a marketing funnel and spend money online to drive traffic
  • Get better qualified leads or opportunities
  • Start using their time for the highest ROI activity
  • Stop driving buyers all over town
  • Be in a position to turn down business or fire a client (attract not chase)





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When you grow your business in real estate, you can either work for your business or have your business work for you.  You have to build your business focused on getting listings so you are more efficient with your time.  Whether you want to do 100 Transactions or 1,000 Transactions, the quickest way to the top, without having to miss special moments in your life, is focusing on the highest dollar productive activities and delegating the rest to maximize the most precious commodity you have, TIME.


Step #1:  Generate Leads - You have a consistent way to continue to connect with potential sellers month in and month out and keep your team busy handling all of the leads you don't get to.


Step #2:  Connect and Nurture -  This is where most people fall short.  Connecting with as many people as possible is difficult when you are working with a couple clients driving them around to houses.  Leads fall through the crack, so you need a system that continues to make connections while you are driving, sleeping, or even spending time with your loved ones.  And if the potential seller isn’t ready, plug them into the system so they continually hear from you until they are ready, without you lifting a finger.

Step #3:  Convert to a Listing -  Now that you have people reaching back out to you when they are ready, time to show why they should list with you above all others.  Usings all of our tools and training, your team will be well equipped to walk away with the deal EVERY TIME!

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